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Winckley Square Residences
Winckley Square Residences

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Winckley Square Gardens

Winckley Square Gardens

The establishment of Winckley Square Gardens in 1801, initially envisaged as an exclusive oasis of greenery and calm, at the heart of a rapidly industrialising and polluted Preston, represented the very first significant expansion of the boundaries of medieval Preston.

This expansion was driven by Preston’s nouveau rich, who having emerged from the Industrial Revolution which had transformed Preston in the preceding decades, now wished to showcase their newfound wealth and status. Many of Grade II listed townhouses adjoining the Gardens therefore represent magnificent examples of Georgian architecture.

Inspired by the genteel splendour and elegance of the Georgian squares gracing some of the newly gentrified central districts of London, Winckley Square Gardens is today recognised as one of the finest surviving examples of a Georgian square in the whole of the north of England.

You can learn more about the history of Winckley Square Gardens, it’s surrounding buildings and it’s many famous residents by clicking here.

Winckley Square Residences Preston